A young offender who has since turned 18 has been arrested in connection with a pair of armed bank robberies back in October.

The first incident occurred at a bank in Mississauga on Oct. 19. Police say that two masked suspects armed with a handgun entered the bank at around 3:30 p.m. and proceeded to jump over the counter. The suspects then allegedly confronted the employees behind the counter and made a demand for money. They eventually fled the scene in a red Audi A4.

The second robbery happened about 75 minutes later at a bank in Cambridge. Police allege that the same suspects, wearing the same masks entered the bank armed with handgun. They then confronted the employees and made another demand for money, police say. They later fled the scene in a red Audi A4, which is believed to be the same vehicle used in the other robbery.

In a news release issued on Sunday morning, Peel police confirmed that members of their Central Robbery Bureau have arrested a suspect in connection with the two robberies.

They say that the now 18-year-old man was found to be in possession of ammunition for a firearm and offence related property. He is charged with robbery, wearing a disguise and possession of ammunition for a dangerous purposed.

His identify is protected under the terms of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Police say that the investigation into the robberies remains ongoing.