FREDERICTON - Border restrictions related to COVID-19 are proving a hazard for Canadian members of a golf course along the Canada-U.S. boundary.

The Aroostook Valley Country Club is uniquely positioned with the pro shop and parking lot in the state of Maine, while the clubhouse and fairways are in New Brunswick.

Canadian members have crossed through the border point at Fort Fairfield for years, but pandemic concerns have blocked them from entering the state -- and even if they did get in, they'd have to self-isolate for 14 days upon return.

Club pro Stephen Leitch says some American members are lobbying Sen. Susan Collins for an exemption to allow their Canadian playing partners to cross without restriction.

Brent Hatchard, a member who lives in New Brunswick, says he doesn't expect them to succeed.

He says it would be nice to play the course where he's a member, but for now he will just have to play at other courses in the province.