OTTAWA - Travellers looking to fast-track it across the border by signing up for Nexus could pay more than twice the current price to apply after September.

Starting Oct. 1, Canadian authorities say applicants to the program, which allows pre-approved travellers to cross between Canada and the United States more quickly,might have tofork over US$120 rather than the US$50 fee that's been in place since Nexus launched in 2002.

The Canada Border Services Agency says the longstanding price tag no longer covers expenses, and that the new fee would more closely reflect the cost of administration as well as investments in new technology and infrastructure.

The fee hike remains subject to approval of regulatory changes in Canada and the U.S.

Over the past year, the border agency says it has received more than 510,000 applications, carrying out nearly 5,000 interviews a week.

Canadian and U.S. border authorities say they remain ready to process applications ahead of an expected boost in demand leading up to October.

The program's more than 1.8 million members - mostly Canadians - enjoy the privilege of dedicated lanes at land crossings and speedy lines at airports, with memberships that last five years.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published April 2, 2024.