A Brampton Transit bus driver has tested positive for COVID-19, though officials say that the riders on the four routes that the driver worked while potentially infectious are not believed to be at any “additional risk” of contracting the virus.

In a news release, the City of Brampton said that it became aware of the positive test on Monday and immediately contacted Peel Public Health.

They say that the driver is currently self-isolating at home.

Public health officials, meanwhile, are reaching out to other employees who have been in close contact with the driver.

It is believed that the driver worked the 11 Steeles, 51 Hereford, 53 Ray Lawson and 57 Charolais routes on March 10, 11, 12 and 13 but officials say that they are still working to determine the exact timing of their shifts.

“Peel Public Health indicates there is no additional risk to the riders on the transit bus than there would be in the general community,” the news release states. “People on the buses in review on the above days who are feeling well, with no symptoms, should continue to go about their daily routines and not call Public Health.”

This is the first confirmed cases of COVID-19 involving a Brampton Transit employee.

The transit agency has previously taken several steps to limit the spread of COVID-19 on its vehicles, including waiving all fares, limiting buses to have their regular capacity and installing barriers between operators and passengers.

The news of the confirmed case comes after the TTC announced late Tuesday night that one of its subway operators has also tested positive for the virus. The TTC has said that it does not believe there is any additional risk to the public sine subway operators work in cabs that are separated from the general public and disinfected daily.