LONDON, Ont. -- A 40-year-old Brampton woman is facing multiple charges after police say she allegedly trafficked a woman who had an intellectual disability for sex-related services.

Police in London, Ont., say the victim and the accused are known to each other.

They say that the accused reportedly convinced the victim to move in with her in February this year, and the pair moved to Brampton together.

Police say the accused allegedly took control of the victim's finances and introduced her to prostitution.

They further allege that the accused threatened and assaulted the victim on a number of occasions, and allegedly threatened repeated physical repercussions if she didn't comply.

Police say the victim was allegedly taken throughout southwestern Ontario for prostitution, including hotels in London.

They say the victim came forward to police as a result of the London police's anti human trafficking operations.

The accused was arrested last week and is charged with offences that include trafficking in persons, assault with a weapon and sexual exploitation of a person with a disability.