The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is slamming the Ontario government over a program the group says provided taxpayer-funded rebates to millionaires who purchased one of the priciest cars ever made.

According to the federation, through the province’s Electric Vehicle Incentive Program, the Ontario government has provided a total of $27,690 in subsidies to people who purchased Porsche 918 Spyders, which retail in Canada at over $1 million.

“In no universe does it make sense to have regular hard working Canadian families subsidizing the luxury vehicles of millionaires,” the Canadian Taxpayer Federation’s Ontario director, Christine Van Geyn, said in a news release issued Tuesday.

The federation said that documents it obtained through a Freedom of Information request show that in total, the Ontario government spent $39 million on subsidies for electric vehicles over the past six years.

The group says that more than $14 million was given to people who purchased cars that retail at over $70,000 and $867, 679 was given for cars that retail at over $100,000.

“Premier Wynne needs to scrap this program. If you can afford a $100,000 car, you don’t need a subsidy from people who earn less than that in a year,” Van Geyn added.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday morning, Premier Kathleen Wynne said she agrees that people who purchase the most expensive luxury vehicles don't need rebates from the government.

"When the program was first designed, there weren’t that many electric vehicles around. That’s the reality," she said. 

"We have refocused the program to make sure that it’s targeted at the most efficient technologies and affordable vehicles. That’s the impetus for this program. We want to encourage the technologies."

While the government has amended the program to exclude vehicles costing more than $150,000, the taxpayers federation says vehicles that retail between $75,000 and $150,000 are still eligible to receive up to $3,000 from the province.

“Our roads in Ontario are falling apart, and the Ontario government has brought in a new 4.3 cent per litre carbon tax on gas. But instead of fixing our highways or easing pain at the pumps, the government is spending tens of millions of dollars helping the richest Ontarians buy fancy cars. None of this makes any sense, and this program needs to end before even more money is wasted,” Van Geyn said in the written statement.