Caplansky’s Deli has closed down its original College Street location.

The news came in a note posted to the doors of the delicatessen at College Street and Brunswick Avenue, a photo of which was shared by the deli on Twitter Wednesday.

“I am heartbroken to announce that this, our first deli location, is closed,” owner Zane Caplansky said in the note.

Caplansky said he made the decision to close the restaurant “with tremendous sadness and reluctance.”

“I have spent ten years of my life bringing traditional deli to Toronto. I have poured my heart and soul into the business, not to mention time, energy and my own financial resources, as well as the financial resources provided by my investors,” Caplansky said.

Caplasnky said in the note that the business struggled to recover from an incident in 2016 where the doors to the restaurant were locked by the landlord for nearly a week in a dispute over repairs.

“We never really recovered from that blow,” he said, praising staff who “could not have been better or more supportive as the deli fought to regain the business.”

Two other Caplansky’s locations will remain open – one in Yorkville and the other at Terminal 3 at Pearson International Airport.

Caplansky said he will focus his short-term efforts on supplying those two locations.

There is also a Caplansky’s food truck which operates at events and various locations around the city.

Caplansky could not immediately be reached for comment Wednesday afternoon.