With days to go before the official start of his second term, Toronto Mayor John Tory is shaking things up in his office.

Chris Eby, his longtime chief of staff, and Vic Gupta, his principal secretary, have both left the mayor’s office.

There was no word on a reason for their departures.

Luke Robertson, Tory’s campaign manager for the recent election, has been named his new chief of staff.

Courtney Glen, the senior vice president at Teneo Holdings, who worked in communications on Tory’s past campaign, has been named his new deputy chief of staff.

Former Toronto Sun reporter Don Peat has been promoted to executive director of communications while Vince Gasparro, the co-chair to Tory’s campaign team, has been named new principal secretary.

Along with the staffing changes, Tory signed the official declaration of office document in a private ceremony on Friday afternoon, behind closed doors.