Toronto police now say that shattered car glass that injured a baby was not the result of gunfire, as they originally believed.

Police were called to the area of Bleecker Street and Wellesley Street East at around 1:45 p.m.

Police originally said that a woman was driving her vehicle in the area when a bullet struck the car. However after investigating further Monday, police said that they don't believe that the glass was broken by a bullet.

"At this point in time we do believe that a firearm discharge did not occur," Insp. Anthony Paoletta told reporters. "We believe the window was damaged as a result of an object that was thrown at a car and at this point in time the investigation is ongoing."

Paoletta said a shell casing was located near the scene, but it is now believed that it was left over from a separate and unrelated call to the area yesterday.   

Paoletta said investigators reviewed surveillance video and spoke with witnesses to determine that the glass was not shattered

A two-year-old child inside the vehicle sustained minor injuries from the shattered car glass. The child was treated at the scene, police said.

No information has been released regarding possible suspect information.

It's not yet clear what the thrown object was.