The city has reached an agreement with Bombardier on a revised timeline that will result in new streetcars finally starting to arrive in greater numbers.

Since August the Toronto Transit Commission has only received four new streetcars, three of which have been put into service, but TTC Chair Josh Colle told reporters on Monday afternoon that Bombardier has now agreed to a revised timeline that will result in an additional 30 vehicles being delivered by the end of the year.

The initial timeline called for the arrival of 43 of the vehicles by this past December.

“We have paid Bombardier a billion dollars; we need to get those cars on the road,” Colle said. “I’m glad to see that they have given us a revised delivery schedule but at the same time I am going to push for more of those cars. They have our money in hand and they should be delivering them.”

The city ordered 204 of the new vehicles from Bombardier in June 2009 at a cost of $1.25 billion and the Thunder Bay manufacturer has promised to complete the order by 2019.

Speaking with reporters Colle refused to say whether Bombardier could be penalized for the slow delivery of the cars up to this point but he said that he is “looking at the contract very closely.”

“All I can do is ensure you that myself and Mr. Byford (TTC CEO Andy Byford) will continue to push them and use any of the leverage or levers we have in the contract to make sure that they deliver those cars,” he said.

The arrival of the new streetcars should allow for full coverage on Spadina Avenue and Queen’s Quay and partial coverage along Bathurst Street.

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