The city’s splash pads will be back in operation this weekend as fall officially gets underway with a stretch of unseasonably warm weather.

Toronto’s 93 splash pads were mostly turned off for the year on Sunday but Coun. Josh Matlow says that staff have agreed to turn them back on for the weekend due to the scorching weather in the forecast.

The splash pads will then be turned off on Monday.

“I heard from many of you in the last day that you were disappointed that the city's splash pads were not operational with unseasonably high temperatures expected to continue. That's why I am delighted to share with you that we successfully advocated to have the vast majority of the city's splash pads turned back on for the weekend,” Matlow said in an email to constituents on Thursday. “I look forward to cooling off with my daughter Molly over the next couple of days at our local splash pad. Hope that you and your family have the opportunity to do the same.”

Environment Canada is forecasting highs of 31 C on Saturday, 32 C on Sunday and 30 C on Monday.

The average daytime high this time of year is just under 20 C.

In his email to constituents, Matlow said that while "a couple" splash pads may remain shuttered due to technical issues, the vast majority will be running sometime Friday.

A full list of the city's splash pads can be viewed by following this link.

Once operational, all splash pads will be available from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.