A collision at a Peel region shopping mall was caused by a car left unattended in drive, police say.

According to a tweet issued by Peel Regional Police Sunday, a patron at the mall returned to the parking lot to find their car had been hit by another car, but there was no driver in sight.

The patron reported a Fail to Remain to the police.

Shortly after, another individual finished up at the mall and returned to their car to find it was not where they had previously parked it.

The second patron called Peel police to report their car had been stolen.

Upon investigation, police say the second individual had parked their car, entered the mall, but left it in drive.

“[The] car rolled on its own power through the parking lot and struck the other parked car,” the tweet said.

There had been no theft, or hit-and-run, police concluded.

“Lesson: Put your car in park before you get out.”