Two waterfowl found dead in Brampton, Ont. have tested positive for avian flu.

The city said the two animals were discovered in the areas of Professor’s Lake and Duncan Valley Foster South.

Specimens were sent to the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative for testing, and they confirmed the cause of death was avian influenza.

The city said “dozens” of other waterfowl in the areas have also died and are assumed to have the disease.

Officials noted it’s “extremely rare” bird flu would spread to humans.

“There are no indicators of increasing risk to the general public at this time,” officials said in a news release issued Tuesday.

The city said it will continue to monitor and collect dead birds in the areas, but will not conduct further testing due to capacity constraints, unless it’s an “unusual circumstance.”

The public spaces where the deceased waterfowl was found remain open to the public. Officials say signage will be added so the public is aware that waterfowl in the area could be infected with the disease.

Meanwhile, in a news release issued Tuesday afternoon, nearby Halton Region said birds with suspected avian flu have also been reported, though the location of where the birds were found was not disclosed.

The news comes two weeks after the Toronto Zoo closed its aviaries to the public after avian influenza was detected in a commercial poultry farm in Niagara Region.

There is another active case in Chatham-Kent. 

For Toronto’s part, the city said Toronto Public Health is not currently engaged in avian influenza surveillance.

However, the city said that if Toronto Animal Services does come across any sick birds, they are sent for testing.

Anyone who finds a sick or dead wild bird is encouraged to contact 311.