A coyote was spotted roaming around a downtown Toronto neighbourhood on Monday morning.

The coyote was seen running along Queens Quay near the CN Tower, in the city’s Harbourfront community at around 9 a.m.

In videos captured by CTV News’ Adrian Ghobrial, the coyote is seen meandering nearby pedestrians on the sidewalk and bike lanes before dashing across the street moments before a truck and streetcar drive past.

Toronto Animal Services confirmed to CTV News Toronto they have received sighting reports and noted that residents may spot coyotes more frequently at this time of year.

"Coyote mating season also falls during January and February, which can lead to coyotes being more active and visible," the emailed statement reads. "It's quite normal for residents to see or encounter more coyotes in parks and green spaces across Toronto as they begin their search for a possible mate." 

The City adds coyotes are typically shy and don’t pose a danger to people, but they can be unsafe for small pets. Pet owners should pick up their pets and carry them in their arms, or keep them on their leashes.

The City advises anyone who sees a coyote in a park or open area, or sees someone feeding wildlife to call 311.

Feeding coyotes is also prohibited, as feeding them can lead to public safety issues.

“Most interactions with coyotes were the result of a nearby, regular food source, primarily from people leaving food out or garbage behind in parks,” the City said.

“Feeding coyotes may cause them to expect food from people, becoming conditioned to approach closer for a food reward, and creating problems for both wildlife and our neighbourhoods.”

Residents who encounter a coyote are urged against running away. Instead, when a coyote comes too close, the City says to maintain eye contact, and try making yourself big and loud by waving your arms and shouting at it.