Video released by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) shows a car passenger hanging out of the vehicle’s sunroof as it crosses what appears to be the Burlington Skyway bridge on the QEW west of Toronto.

The OPP’s Highway Safety Division posted the video to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon, however it’s unclear exactly when it was taken and by whom.

“Sometimes pets will stick their head out the window to smell the fresh air,” the tweet reads.

“I would suggest what we see in the video is not a good idea, don't be this passenger.”

The bridge sits on the border between Burlington and Hamilton, carrying vehicles across the narrow channel that leads into Hamilton Harbour.

This isn’t the first instance of dangerous behaviour reported on the QEW near Burlington this month.

On March 8, the OPP released a video of a man hanging off of the back of a transport truck’s trailer as it was driving at highway speeds on the QEW near Burloak Drive.