Toronto Public Health has declared a COVID-19 outbreak in one wing of a Scarborough elementary school in the wake of nine staff and two students testing positive for the disease cause by the novel coronavirus.

TDSB spokesperson Ryan Bird tells CP24 that all but one of the 11 cases at Glamorgan Junior Public School are limited to a single wing of the building.

For that reason, he said that the remainder of the school is not considered to be in an outbreak and is being kept open.

β€œAt this point in time, 58 students have been asked by TPH to self isolate as a precaution,” Bird said in a statement provided to CP24.

There have been 2,159 school-related cases of COVID-19 in Ontario since the start of the academic year, including an additional 61 that were reported on Friday.

There are not currently any schools that are closed due to COVID-19 outbreaks.