The driver of a large transport truck seen pushing a small car sideways in a live lane of Highway 401 on Monday, slamming it into a guardrail, reportedly told police he “wasn’t aware of what was happening,” the OPP says.

A video of the incident posted to Twitter on Monday shows a large yellow tractor trailer t-boning and dragging a silver Honda Civic sedan, moving toward the shoulder and slamming the sedan into the shoulder.

OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt says the incident occurred on Highway 401 between Bayview Avenue and Yonge Street on Monday.

He said Wednesday that officers have identified both drivers, and the driver of the tractor trailer says he had no idea his truck ran a 1,250 kilogram sedan off the road.

"He claims he was changing lanes and did not see that car. I don’t know if that was possible or not but he certainly made quite the contact with that car," Schmidt said.

Schmidt said there were no calls for service made about the collision when it occurred.

Police say neither the tractor trailer driver nor the driver of the Civic, a 40-year-old Scarborough man, was seriously injured in the incident.

A longer clip from a dash camera obtained by CTV News Toronto shows the driver of the yellow tractor trailer pulling over the shoulder and getting out of his vehicle to run back to where the Civic came to rest after the crash.

In an interview with CTV News Toronto on Wednesday, the driver, who only wanted to be identified as Chris said he is lucky to be alive.

“He never slowed down,” Chris said. “He kept on moving at the same speed I was screaming and honking and that didn’t help at all. At one point I saw behind me that he was going on an angle towards a barrier wall…that was really scary.”

Chris said that he is taking some time off work to rest. He said that he hurt his back and was given medication for some head pain.

Schmidt said officers are looking for video footage from prior to the collision to determine what led up to the crash.

No charges have been laid as of yet and the investigation continues.

- with files from CTV Toronto's Tracy Tong