Hundreds of Toronto elementary teachers voiced their discontent with the provincial government outside the education ministry Tuesday afternoon.

The Elementary Teachers of Toronto held the protest at a Ministry of Education building at Bay and Wellesley streets beginning at around 5 p.m.

“ETT members, educational workers, and concerned citizens, are encouraged to express their frustration with Friday’s ruling by joining in political protest,” the group said on its website prior to the demonstration. “By rallying on (Jan. 15) we continue sending the message that the contracts imposed on educational workers will be forever enshrined in the Ontario Liberal’s growing book of shame.”

Teachers had originally planned one-day protests during school hours last week. However, an 11th hour ruling by the Ontario Labour Relations Board deemed the planned protests would be illegal.

Ontario teachers have been locked in a bitter confrontation with the provincial government since last year over Bill 115 -- legislation brought in by the Liberal government that allowed the province to impose new contracts on teachers without bargaining.