An enhanced security screening at city hall is set to go into effect next week, the city announced Wednesday.

Starting Feb. 18, visitors to the building will be asked to walk through a metal detector upon entering the building, the city said in a news release Wednesday.

The same screening isalready being used for those who want to enter the council chamber, the city said, adding that the measure is similar to those in effect at sports and entertainment venues.

“Moving the walk-through metal detectors to the main floor reduces the number of security check locations in the building and expands the secure space to the full building,” the city said in the release.

Some of the prohibited items that will be confiscated include firearms and imitation firearms, blades, edged or sharp objects, striking devices, aerosol weapons, explosive and flammable substances, and noisemakers.

Visitors who want to access the information desk, the library, washrooms or restaurants at city hall won’t be screened.

Also starting Tuesday, visitors will  onlybe able enter city hall from the front doors facing Nathan Phillips Square, the parking garage or the PATH entrance.