The union that represents teachers in Ontario’s public elementary schools says it has ordered its members to stop providing all voluntary extracurricular activities on Oct. 28 if a new collective agreement is not reached by then.

The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario says it is threatening to escalate its job action because the Ontario Public School Boards Association and the provincial government have “ignored all attempts by ETFO to get them to return to the central bargaining table, including an offer to refer one issue to binding arbitration,” according to a news release.

According to an internal memo sent to ETFO members, voluntary extracurricular activity includes coaching any sports team, supervising a club such as chess club or a student advisory committee, or supervising a performance-based activity such as a choir.

The union goes on to say that all coaches and supervisors of clubs must stop activities on Oct. 28, even if a game or meeting was previously scheduled.

The union also says breakfast clubs at schools, as well as scheduled Remembrance Day ceremonies will not be affected by the withdrawal.