The first day of fall is on Sept. 22, and leaves will soon change from green to orange and red in Ontario.

The Algonquin Park fall colour report details when visitors can see the park’s trees – from maple to birch – at their peak autumn hues.

The report is frequently updated and includes a live webcam of the park and some photographs of the trees' colour progression so far this season. Currently, the trees are starting to turn from green to yellow.

According to the report, the best time to visit the park to see the fall colours is anytime between mid-September to mid-October, although there are varying times for when each species of tree will reach their peak.

Visitors can see the Sugar Maples and Red Maples turn to their rich orange and red hues from mid-September to early October. The park recommends anyone who wants to catch the Sugar Maples at this time go to the western side of the Highway 60 Corridor on Sept. 27.

From early to mid-October, right up to Thanksgiving, poplar and birch trees will reach a yellow-orange colour. Visitors can also see orange Sugar Maple trees at the time.

“This time known as the ‘Golden Encore’ generally occurs after the Sugar Maple and Red Maple peak colour, but offers great landscape views in poplar and birch dominated areas,” the report reads.

According to the park, those who go to the eastern side of the Highway 60 Corridor or the Park’s East Side can best see these colours.

By mid to late October, Tamaracks will reach their peak yellow colour before their needles drop for the winter.

Since Algonquin Park is at a higher elevation and cooler temperatures, the trees have a shorter growing season which means the leaves change colour faster than in other areas in the province like Toronto.

Outside of Algonquin Park, Ontarians can look to Ontario Parks’ fall colour map, which details the dominant colour of leaves currently across the province.