It appears that the federal government is set to deliver some relief at the grocery checkout in the upcoming budget.

The government is going to provide some financial assistance to lower income Canadians struggling with the rising cost of food, CTV News has confirmed.

The new measure is called the ‘grocery rebate’ and will be included in tomorrow’s budget.

Sources told CTV news the measure will help nearly 11 million lower income Canadians.

The benefit will be part of a GST credit once the budget is passed in the House of Commons.

The move could see a couple with two children get a one-time payment of up to $467. A senior would get a one-time payment of $225 dollars, while a single person would get a payment of $234 dollars.

Canadians have watched grocery prices soar over the past year, despite record profits for many large grocery chains. The companies have contended that most of the added cost for food has arisen from higher supply chain costs.