The Office of the Fire Marshal has been called in to investigate a home explosion on Hamilton’s west mountain Friday night.

At around 10:30 p.m., Hamilton fire received multiple calls about an explosion at 279 Bonaventure Drive, near Clifton Downs Road.

Upon arrival, crews noticed no visible fire but that a home had been completely leveled, fire officials said.

Crews also noticed a strong smell of natural gas at the scene.

“As the crews started to make their way into the debris, we realized that we had one house that has been leveled, houses on either side that have been significantly damaged and we have a fairly large debris field,” Hamilton Fire Chief David Cunliffe told reporters.

There were also reports of someone possibly being inside the home.

“Crews were able to dig their way through the debris and make their way into the basement area. They were able to complete a search with nobody found,” Cunliffe said.

Meanwhile, crews were checking numerous homes in the area to ensure that everyone was out, turning off natural gas services and checking for any natural gas that may have been present in the homes.

At least three homes in the area were impacted by the explosion. Residents displaced by the fire were provided shelter by the Red Cross if needed.

No injuries to civilians or firefighters were reported.

“It is very remarkable that we have no injuries. It’s a significant incident. To level a home is very significant,” Cunliffe said.

The Office of the Fire Marshal will be arriving at the scene Saturday morning.

The cause of the explosion is unknown.

The explosion caused a power outage in the area affecting approximately 18 homes. Alectra Utilities was on scene last night to restore the power.

Hamilton’s Building Department was also on scene inspecting adjacent homes for any structural issues and stability.

The cost of the damage has not yet been determined.