A firefighter has been seriously injured after he fell into the basement of a home in North York while battling a three-alarm fire Tuesday evening.

Crews were called to a house fire on Wedgewood Drive, in the area of Willowdale and Cummer Avenues, at around 8:30 p.m.

"During the course of both search and rescue and firefighting operations, one of our firefighters tonight sustained a significant fall from height," Toronto Fire Chief Matthew Pegg said.

"That, of course, results immediately in what we refer to as the Declaration of Mayday. Our crews were able to get to him quickly, they were able to secure him, rescue him from the home."

Toronto paramedics said they transported the firefighter to a trauma centre with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

"This is really difficult on all of us. And it is a powerful and stark reminder of the risk and the hazard that our crews face when they're when they're doing this type of work," Pegg said.

The home was under construction and unoccupied when the fire broke out.

Pegg said the situation is under control.

"There will be a comprehensive investigation into both the origin and cause of the fire as well as all of the circumstances that contributed to the injury," he said.

Pegg added that the Ontario Ministry of Labour and the Office of the Fire Marshal will also be notified.