Torontonians head to the polls Monday to pick a mayor. Much of the attention in the race has gone to frontrunners John Tory and Jennifer Keesmaat.

However there are 33 other people who have registered to run for the mayor’s seat.

Here are a few other mayoral candidates who have garnered attention or notoriety:

Sarah Climenhaga - Climenhaga’s says her mission is to bring “positive and progressive change” to Toronto. The lifelong resident of the city has a background in animal conservation, transportation and infrastructure. She wants to change the way the city’s budget is allocated, improve transit, and create safer and more accessible sidewalks.

Daryl Christoff – Christoff, a former candidate in the provincial election, is the leader of the ‘New Peoples Choice Party of Ontario.’ He is in favour of the cut to council, saying the bureaucracy at city hall was “inflated.”

Mike Gallay – He describes himself as a “writer” and “maker,” who is “heavy sarcasm, light footprint.” Callay also ran for mayor in 2014. He has taken a casual approach to the campaign, but says he is passionate about many issues, including animal welfare, transit and housing affordibility. 

Saron Gebresellassi – Gebresellassi is a well-known lawyer and activist. Her platform focuses on affordable housing and diversity. She also wants to see Toronto work toward making transit free for all users.

Faith Goldy – Goldy is a controversial candidate in this election. A few months before registering for mayor, she was let go from her position at the right-wing website Rebel Media for appearing on a white supremacist podcast. She is running her campaign on a promise to “make Toronto safe again.”

Brian Graff – Graff describes himself as a “radical centrist” and says he is going to bring a “common sense agenda” to city hall. He is in favour of a ranked ballot system, slowing down population growth and restructuring the city (from what was formed at amalgamation).

Knia Singh – Lawyer and activist Knia Singh says he wants to be mayor to help bridge the growing wealth divide in the city.  He wants to help keep living costs down by lowering TTC fares and creating affordable housing.

A full list of candidates running for mayor can be found on the city’s website.