The CBC decided to fire Jian Ghomeshi after he showed them a video in which a “large bruise” could be seen on the body of a woman he had dated and text messages referring to it as a “cracked rib,” according to a report in the Toronto Star.

The newspaper says that Ghomeshi showed CBC executives Chris Boyce and Chuck Thompson the cellphone video during a meeting in his lawyer’s King Street office on Oct. 23 in an attempt to demonstrate how a person could be bruised during sex and it could “still be consensual.”

"Our sources say the video showed the woman partially covered and with some bruises on the side of her body near the ribcage," the author of the story, Kevin Donovan, told CP24.

Boyce and Thompson did not leave the meeting with a copy of the video, the Star said, but did report to their superiors that the Ghomeshi situation was “much bigger than we ever thought.”

The CBC then placed Ghomeshi on a leave of absence the next day and fired him on Oct. 26.

In the days that followed, the Star and other media outlets published accounts from several named and unnamed women accusing Ghomeshi of assaulting them during dates.

The Toronto Police Service also opened an investigation after at least three victims made similar allegations, including Trailer Park Boys actress Lucy DeCoutere

Ghomeshi has denied any wrongdoing and maintained that all relations were consensual.

In a Facebook post published shortly after his dismissal, the former 'Q' radio host said that he practices “rough sex” but only when “mutually agreed upon”

CBC considering new name for ‘Q’

As new details emerge about what lead the public broadcaster to fire one of its most well-known on-air personalities, the CBC is beginning to “reimagine” Q, according to director of talk radio Cindy Witten.

In an email sent to CP24 Wednesday, Witten said that the search for a new host will begin next week and discussions are already underway surrounding everything from “tweaking the format” of the show to changing the name.

“We've heard from a lot of people who think we should scrap it (the name) and a lot who want to keep it,” Witten wrote. “We'll continue to listen to the audience and our partners and we also plan to do some targeted research.”

Ghomeshi has filed a $55-million lawsuit against the CBC for defamation and breach of confidence.

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