Building on the success of a previous commuter etiquette campaign, Metrolinx has released a book highlighting some of the most irksome behaviour customers see on board GO trains and buses every day.

The book, titled ‘Unwritten Rules of Public Transit Etiquette Written Down,’ tells passengers what not to do when commuting to and from work.

Loud talking and feet on seats are among the biggest pet peeves, according to Metrolinx spokesperson Mary Proc.

“Mine has to be people who are time-starved in the morning and haven’t finished all of their toiletries at home and start clipping their nails, or even worse, maybe even their toenails, on the train,” Proc said Wednesday.

“We have fantastic customers aboard the GO it is just that even with our great customers, sometimes there is behaviour that we would like to see changed.”

Speaking to CP24 on Wednesday morning, GO Transit riders listed a number of unsavoury habits exhibited by fellow passengers, including taking up too much space and leaving belongings on the seats.

“There are so many from which to choose,” one commuter told CP24 Wednesday. “My absolute favourite is in the summertime when people take off their shoes and have their bare feet on the train and then put them on the seats.”

Proc said the previous etiquette campaign was so effective that GO Transit saw a 27 per cent decrease in customer complaints relating to bad behaviour.

“We decided to repeat that campaign this year, this time asking our customers what is the worst customer fail that they see,” she added.

“So many people voted on Twitter… that Twitter Canada told us it was the highest activated campaign that they saw in all of Canada last year.”

A hard copy of GO Transit’s new book can be purchased for $5 or an online version can be downloaded free of charge.