Can’t stomach dropping $2 million on a starter home in Canada? You’d be better off trying your luck on a private island or European chateau, says viral TikTok creator @MillennialMoron.

The content creator, who refuses to share his real name with the media due to privacy concerns, has quickly amassed a large following on TikTok for his videos comparing Canadian housing listings to ads for private islands and castles around the world. Often, a run-down townhouse in Toronto or parking space in Vancouver will have an equivalent price tag to a multi-bedroom French villa or Caribbean isle.

More often than not, you’ll get far better bang for your buck in these international luxury markets – and that’s a problem, says Millennial Moron.

“The real estate situation has just become more and more ridiculous,” the western Canada-based creator told CP24. “I one day found myself asking, ‘how many of these derelict Canadian houses would you need to be able to buy a private island?’. And to my surprise, the answer to that was just one.”


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Response to Millennial Moron’s TikToks, which use humour to illustrate the rising cost of housing in Canada, has been generally positive. The creator has gained nearly 30,000 followers in just over 10 days, with some videos amassing over half a million views.


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An average home in Ontario costs over $1.1 million, the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board announced last month.

“Obviously real estate is a hot button issue for a lot of people in Canada, particularly for young people, a lot of whom feel like we haven’t had the same opportunity other generations would have had to fit into the housing market,” he said.

“These things I’m comparing houses to, private islands, castles, they’re symbols of the ultra-wealthy,” he added. “A house shouldn’t be a luxury.”