The Canadian Security Intelligence Service website has been knocked offline for the second time in 24 hours.

The site went down late Monday night and was unavailable again Tuesday morning.

The same hacker is claiming responsibility for both attacks and is promising to take aim at federal email systems next, CTV News has learned.

The hacker’s aim is both to clear the name of an Ottawa teen charged in a police “swating” prank and to protest Bill C-51, sources told CTV’s Mercedes Stephenson.

According to the sources, the hacker does not appear to be malicious, but is focused on publicly embarrassing the authorities.

The same hacker is believed to have attacked several government websites in the past, the sources said.

CSIS has not commented on the shutdown so far.

However a spokesperson for Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney confirmed the site had been knocked offline, but said no information has been compromised.