Have you ever wondered what a star looks like up close?

How about how a guitar sounds inside the International Space Station or how the food tastes?

Students at Chris Hadfield Public School in Milton got all the answers and more Thursday morning as the Canadian astronaut that their school is named after answered questions live from space.

Hadfield spoke to students via video conference from the International Space Station, where he is on a five-month mission.

“Decide what you might want to be and then start turning yourself into that person,” Hadfield advised the 800 or so students gathered in the school gymnasium. “You can start to turn yourself into an astronaut today. It doesn’t happen just like that, but every single decision you make turns you a little bit into the person you want to be tomorrow and the day after that.”

Hadfield, who was the first Canadian to walk in space, twirled his microphone in the air and occasionally floated off the screen and back again as he spoke to students Thursday.

Asked about how it feels to be in a zero gravity environment, Hadfield spoke of the challenge of adjusting to a life without an up and down.

“There is no way to say which way is up. I can go anyway I like and it all feels like I’m right side up,” he said. “It doesn’t matter. It’s really confusing at first to have no up or down.”

Hadfield’s question and answer session was just the latest in a line of appearances since he blasted off for the International Space Station on Dec. 19.

Emceeing the event was Canadian Astronaut Jeremy Hansen.

“I just want to bring the reality of the situations to kids,” Hansen told CP24 ahead of Hadfield’s appearance. “We are going to speak to Chris Hadfield, who is no longer on our planet. He is over 400 kilometres above the surface of planet earth, he’s hurtling through space at 28,000 kilometres an hour and I just want them to grasp how awesome this is.”

Since assuming command of the International Space Station, Hadfield has become a bit of a sensation on social media by tweeting photos of various Canadian communities from outer space.

His mission will wrap up in May.

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