OAKVILLE, Ont. -- Police in Ontario's Halton Region have charged a second person in connection with an ongoing human trafficking investigation.

Last month, officers charged 35-year-old Imani Nakpangi, of Toronto, with four offences related to exploiting a woman for sexual purposes, including exercising control, living on the avails of prostitution, trafficking in persons, and benefiting materially from trafficking in persons.

Police say they have now laid 11 new charges against Nakpangi, including two new counts of trafficking in persons, two counts of advertising sexual services, and one count of assault.

They say the latest charges were laid after they identified two new victims of the alleged trafficking scheme.

Halton police say they have also charged a 30-year-old Farah Ayub with one count of procuring to become a prostitute and two counts of advertising sexual services, in connection with the same human trafficking investigation.

Officers are asking anyone with information relating to the investigation to contact their Human Trafficking Unit.