Hamilton police have arrested one of the three suspects wanted in connection with a botched abduction that left a father gravely injured and one of his sons dead.

Police say that the suspects were looking to get money from 63-year-old Faqir Ali when they abducted him at gunpoint from his home in the area of Glancaster and Dickenson roads in the early morning hours of Sept. 16.

Ali’s two sons attempted to come to their father’s aid but both ended up being shot by the assailants.

One of them, 21-year-old Hasnain ‘Nano’ Ali, was later pronounced dead. The other sustained life-threatening injuries and was rushed to hospital.

Ali, meanwhile, was allegedly beaten by his captors and was found hours later on Beach Boulevard suffering from critical injuries.

At a press conference on Friday, Det. Sgt. Steve Bereziuk revealed that one of the three suspects believed to have been involved in the abduction was arrested later in the night on Sept. 16 after officers located the alleged getaway vehicle in the Hamilton Mountain area.

He said that suspect was initially charged with weapons-related offences following the recovery of a gun but is now being charged in connection with the abduction of Ali and the murder of his son as well.

News of the arrest had not previously been publicized.

“We had grounds to arrest him at that point in time but we wanted to continue with the investigation. We seized the vehicle that he was operating at that time. That vehicle has been forensically examined and searched. I won't get into the details of what the evidence was that was recovered in there but it benefited the investigation which has led to charges here today,” Bereziuk said.

Ali is a longtime member of Hamilton’s Pakistani community, who had worked as an organizer for Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown when he sought the PC Leadership as well as former Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin.

Bereziuk said that investigators believe that Ali was abducted over money but he said that there is no “clear answer” to explain how he ended up being targeted in the first place.

The detective also noted that no cash was actually obtained.

“There is certainly a chain of events that unfolded between the home invasion itself, the abduction of Mr. Ali and where he ended up. I don't think Beach Boulevard (where Ali was dumped) was the end location that they that they wanted to be at. I won't get into specifics as to why Beach Boulevard ended up being the area where Mr. Ali was ultimately found. The bottom line is Mr. Ali was luckily found alive and we were able to get him medical help,” he said.

Ali and surviving son have been released from hospital

Bereziuk said that Ali and his surviving son have both been released from hospital and have spoken with investigators.

Both, he said, “are lucky to be alive.”

Meanwhile, police are continuing to look for the two outstanding suspects wanted in connection with the botched abduction.

Police have only released extremely limited descriptions of those suspects.

“Obviously I believe those two people know who they are. I'm encouraging them to contact a lawyer and turn themselves in,” Bereziuk said. “At this point our investigation is going to continue to press forward and we're going to continue our efforts to identify these two involved and hold them accountable as well.”

The suspect arrested in connection with the abduction has been identified as 25-year-old Antoine Chambers, of Hamilton. He is charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Police say that Chambers does not have a criminal record.