There's a proper place for those post-Halloween pumpkins.

Municipalities and businesses are encouraging residents to ensure their pumpkins are disposed of in the right spot and in a sustainable fashion.

The City of Toronto is hosting numerous pumpkin parades today, giving residents a chance to show off their carved creations for one last time at more than 35 parks across the city.

The pumpkins will then be picked up by city staff and processed with yard waste to create compost that can be used in city parks and gardens.

The Region of Peel is suggesting people put their pumpkins either directly in their green organic bins, in a paper yard waste bag, bushel basket, or a labelled open, rigid container along with other yard waste, to be set outside for collection.

The municipality says that will keep the pumpkins out of landfills and will help create compost that can be used in gardens.

Meanwhile, some businesses are looking to add post-Halloween pumpkins to their animal feed.

Wagner Orchards and Estate Winery in Tecumseh, Ont., is asking people to drop off their pumpkins in front of the business' bakery to be enjoyed by cows, pigs and chickens.

For every pumpkin brought to the farm, the business says it will be donating a pound of ground beef to local food banks.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Nov. 1, 2021.