Toronto Raptors fans are not messing around.

A lineup in the downtown core began forming around 1 a.m. on Sunday, 19 hours before tipoff in Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

“It was hard, it was dark, it was cold, it was rainy, it was damp, but you know what I really wanted to get into Jurassic Park,” the first person in line, Carleton Plummer, said.

“It’s a feeling like no other. To be honest, I think it’s actually better than being inside.”

Capacity for Jurassic Park and its overflow sections on Bremner Boulevard, 10,000 people, was reached prior to the start of the game.

One fan came down to Jurassic Park around 1 p.m. with her young son and his friend. She said the experience of watching with thousands of fans is “surreal” and “historical.”

“What a great experience for two 11-year-olds and I haven’t seen this since back-to-back World Series,” she said. “The vibe in the city, the vibe in the country is fantastic. I love it and I’m glad these boys can be a part of it.”

“I couldn’t make it down for World Series but I’m glad we made it down today and it’s just an amazing feeling to be here.”

IN PHOTOS: Fans cheer on Raptors at Jurassic Park

Toronto Mayor John Tory stopped by the lineup to chat with fans he calls “the most passionate” in North America.

“I said to people they’ve got to conserve their energy because they started at 1 o’clock in the morning and they are standing out here until game time, which is 8 p.m.,” he said while sporting his black and gold Raptors-themed blazer.

“Then the game, which takes a lot of energy if you are cheering properly, because we really need people to cheer for the Raptors and so I can imagine by the end of the game tonight after another big win, they are going to be excited.”

Tory said the Raptors making it to the NBA Finals to take on the defending champions, the Golden State Warriors, is “a great thing for this city and it’s a great thing for all the visitors who are coming here to see our city and be part of this experience at Jurassic Park.”

This is the first time in franchise history, which began 24 years ago, that the Raptors have made it to the finals. Their advancement to the finals comes after they defeated the Philadelphia 76ers and then the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Warriors tied up the series 1-1 with a 109-104 win on Sunday night. Tipoff in Game 3 goes Wednesday at 9 p.m. in Oakland.