A Woodbridge, Ont. lottery winner was so speechless when he learned he won, that the cashier at the store offered him a water bottle and told him to have a seat.

Abinesh Thiyagarajah, a 36-year-old transportation worker, played his Instant Jackpot multiplier ticket in the store when he learned he won.

“At first, I thought I won $10 – but when I did a double take, I was shocked. I turned to the cashier but couldn’t talk in that moment,” he said. “I pointed at the ticket and the clerk was so excited for me. He gave me a bottle of water and told me to have a seat.”

His $1 million win, Thiyagarajah said, will make him debt-free.

“I’m not very materialistic, so treating myself hasn’t come across my mind at all,” he said.

Though, he said he does plan to treat his mom to whatever she wants.

“I am so thankful and grateful for this blessing,” Thiyagarajah said.

The winning ticket was bought from George’s Convenience on Rutherford Road in Woodbridge.