An investigation is underway after 15 fires, believed to be intentional, were set along Highway 401 near Port Hope on Monday.

According to Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Mark Collins, the blazes were located on the highway between East Townline Road and County Road 28.

“In a situation like this the potential for a disaster to happen is always there because the fire department is engaging on the highway with traffic passing, there’s always the possibility for something to happen there,” Collins said.

One minor collision involving a motorcycle took place in the area at the time. Collins said the crash happened “probably due to frustration.”

All of the fires have been put out along the stretch and no other injuries were reported.

Speaking about the amount of resources deployed to these incidents, Collins said it is “astronomical.”

“The cost to the taxpayers at this point is tremendous,” he said.

No suspect information has been provided in connection with this investigation.