A Canada’s Wonderland fan is less than pleased following an unfortunate collision between the Leviathan roller coaster and a bird.

On Tuesday, Toronto man Hubert Hsu boarded the coaster right after eating lunch and sat in the front row, an unusual choice for him.

“There happened to be a single slot available,” he told CP24. “I remember thinking I didn’t know if I would love the front row since the wind is so hard on your face.”

At the peak of one of the coaster’s loops, Hsu says the coaster collided with a bird, which he says seemed to be a pigeon.

“I looked down and saw blood and my hands and my face. There was a feather on my hand, and feathers on the girl next to me’s shirt,” he said. “It seemed like the coaster car hit the bird and then it sort of exploded on us.”

A representative for Canada’s Wonderland confirmed the incident, saying a guest had reported an incident with a bird on the Leviathan roller coaster. The condition of the bird is unknown.

Hsu said some blood also spattered into the row behind him, adding that Canada’s Wonderland staff weren’t attentive to the issue until the coaster riders flagged a ride operator.

“I asked for wipes, and they gave us those brown, disposable paper towel rolls like you see in industrial schools,” he said. “I wound up just washing it off in the washroom as best as I could.

“We probably could have made a bigger deal about it,” he continued. “But at the same time, the kids who work in the park seemed like they had no idea what to do, and that might be an issue.”

In its statement, Canada’s Wonderland said that first aid was offered to the rider but declined.

“No injuries to the guest were reported,” the statement notes.