A group of TTC riders are being credited with saving the life of a blind man who fell onto the subway tracks at Broadview Station.

Julie Caniglia said she was on an empty eastbound train at the station on Thursday afternoon when she heard “a faint voice” call out for help.

She got off the train and looked across to the westbound side of the station where she spotted a man was lying on the tracks.

“He couldn’t get up,” she told CTV News Toronto. “It was very scary.”

Unsure of what to do, Caniglia said she looked toward the other people standing on the platform.

“You want to help the gentleman but at the same time you just don’t know if you should jump in and help, or if your life is going to be put at risk,” she said.

Within “a matter of seconds,” Caniglia said a man jumped down to the tracks, crossed to the west side and tried to lift the man.

“He couldn’t do it on his own,” she said. “Thankfully two other people came to help him out and they pulled the man to safety. It was just incredible to watch.”

Caniglia later wrote about the heroic actions of the three bystanders on Facebook. She also posted a photo of the trio standing around the injured man shortly after they lifted him back to the platform

Her post has been shared more than 20,000 times – something Caniglia says she never expected.

“I’m hoping that they’ll get some form of recognition,” she said. “I’m just so happy about it. People needed a positive story I guess in such troubled times.”

TTC spokesperson Kadeem Griffiths confirmed the incident happened on the westbound subway platform sometime around 3 p.m.

Griffiths said another rider who noticed the man fall hit the power-off button, preventing the next train from coming into the station while the Good Samaritans came to his rescue.

By the time TTC officers arrived, Griffiths said the bystanders who had helped the man were nowhere to be found.

The man was taken to hospital with a possible broken leg.

Earlier this month, the death of a 73-year-old man allegedly pushed off a subway platform renewed calls for the installation of barriers.

The TTC said at the time that an engineering study related to the feasibility of installing barriers at every station was underway, but that the project could cost more than $1 billion.