It’s not strange to imagine a Jeep testing its wheels while zig zagging on a scenic beach. But it seems the fantasy is best left to the summer months.

The driver of a Jeep who wandered off-road and ended up stuck in the icy waters of Lake Ontario will face a towing charge after the vehicle had to be rescued by the Toronto police marine unit.

The Jeep was spotted with its wheels stuck in the ice at Cherry Beach Tuesday morning.

According to police, the driver wandered off-road, not realizing that the vehicle was travelling on a portion of the iced-over lake, which was covered with a dusting of snow.

The vehicle ended up stuck in about two feet of water. Regular tow trucks were worried about getting stuck in the ice themselves, so the marine unit had to be brought in to hook and tow the Jeep.

None of the occupants were injured.

However police say the driver will have to foot the bill for the rescue.