An Ontario Superior Court judge has dismissed the city’s application for an injunction against Uber’s ride-hailing operations in Toronto.

The city was contending that Uber is a taxi company, and as such must abide by Toronto’s bylaws.

In his decision, Judge Sean Dunphy concluded there is “no evidence” Uber is operating as a taxi broker.

“The city has failed to demonstrate a breach by the respondents of its bylaws and the city’s application should therefore be dismissed,” the decision states.

In a release issued Friday night, Ian Black, general manager for Uber Canada, said the company was ‘pleased’ with the decision.

“Our hope is that this decision helps further pave the way for ridesharing regulations and we look forward to continuing our work with Mayor Tory and Toronto City Council,” the release reads.

“Today’s outcome is a great win for the 5,000 drivers who need this flexible earning opportunity to make a living, and the 300,000 riders who rely on them to move around our great city. We are grateful for all the support we’ve received from Torontonians and will continue to work in their best interests."

In a message sent to CP24, Sam Moini, with the Toronto Taxi Alliance, said that the group “will review this decision and have a comment in the days ahead.”

In a telephone interview with CP24 Friday night, Co-Op Cabs spokesperson Alex Pierson said she was not surprised at all by the decision.

“It was very, very clear that the judge was perplexed as to why this matter even got into his courtroom,” she said. “He’s a judge – he’s supposed to interpret laws, not make laws.

“Now, the city has to do what they should have done months ago, which is make proper laws and create a level playing field where everyone can compete, and where customers are served in a safe and efficient manner.”

Amanda Galbraith, director of communications for Mayor John Tory, said that the city is currently reviewing the judgement.

“The mayor will be briefed by city staff next week and will have more to say at that time,” she said.

“We intend to have representatives of the taxi industry, drivers and Uber in at the earliest opportunity to move toward mutually agreeable solutions for the city's ground transportation network."