A jury learned more about the state of mind of the man accused of killing a Toronto police officer.

Richard Kachkar is on trial for the first-degree murder of Sgt. Ryan Russell.

The man is accused of striking the officer with a stolen snowplow in January 2011. The case rests on Kachkar's state of mind.

A career counsellor who first met Kachkar in 2008 described him as “nothing out of the ordinary” when she testified Tuesday.

She helped the recently unemployed construction worker into a truck driver retraining program.

Kachkar was described as "polite, overly gracious and apologetic.”

Another counsellor testified that Kachkar's stress levels seemed a bit higher two weeks prior to the fatal incident.

The jury also heard from someone who stayed at a shelter with Kachkar two weeks before Russell's death.

She told the jury that he had asked her during bible study, "If I do something incredibly wrong, do I leave God?"

The trial continues Wednesday and is expected to last several months.