A jury is set to present a verdict and recommendations today at a coroner's inquest into the deaths of three women in rural eastern Ontario.

The inquest, which began June 6, is examining the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Carol Culleton, Nathalie Warmerdam and Anastasia Kuzyk, with a focus on the dynamics of gender-based violence, intimate partner violence and femicide in rural communities.

Culleton, Warmerdam and Kuzyk were killed on their properties in the Renfrew County area on the same day in 2015 by Basil Borutski, a man who had a known history of violence against women.

The five-member jury has been tasked with presenting a set of recommendations aimed at preventing similar tragedies and protecting victims of intimate partner violence, particularly in rural communities.

On Friday, lawyers and Wamerdam's daughter Valerie shared their own recommendations with the jury, including the need for “adequate and stable” funding from the provincial government for organizations providing intimate partner violence support services and the creation of an independent commission on the issue.

A press conference is expected after the jury presents its verdict and recommendations, featuring comments from Valerie Warmerdam and other parties involved in the inquest.