Staff at a Toronto bar are apologizing for what they call a “disgusting, derogatory” sign that was recently spotted at their King West establishment.

A photo of the sign, which was found at Locals Only near King and Bathurst streets, was posted online over the weekend and read, “No Means Yes & Yes Means A***?”

One patron who who saw the sign said she contacted staff and asked the bar to take it down.

In a statement issued on the bar’s Facebook page, Locals Only apologized for the “insensitive” sign.

“It has come to our attention that while unsupervised, a staff member of Locals Only Toronto made a sign within our establishment that is disgusting, derogatory, and insensitive towards a serious issue that we in no shape or form condone,” the statement read.

“We are deeply saddened, shocked, and appalled that a trusting member of our staff would do such a thing.”

The statement went on to say that management is taking “the appropriate measures” to fire the staff member responsible for the sign.

“We will take responsibility for this incident and effective immediately, we will reissue a staff training course to further educate our staff members of appropriate practice and policy in the work place,” the apology continued.

“Most importantly, we extend our deepest apology to anyone who may have been affected or offended by this. It is unfathomable and completely disheartening to think that we would ever have to be writing something like this, as we take extreme measures to ensure the safety of our patrons in our establishment at all times.”

Some social media users called for a boycott on Locals Only, saying this is not the first time derogatory signs have popped up at the bar.

On the homepage of the bar's website, a collage of naked women, some in pornographic positions, appear in the background.

When the bar’s website appears in a Google search, beneath the link to the site is a line that reads “589 KING STREET WEST. LET'S PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED.”