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Samfiru Tumarkin

In the realm of Canadian employment law, Lior Samfiru stands as a beacon for workers’ rights. As an employment lawyer and the national co-managing partner of Samfiru Tumarkin LLP, his unwavering commitment to employee advocacy has defined his career, with a focus on championing workplace fairness. "Empowering employees through education about their rights and holding employers accountable is not just a mission for me – it’s a promise of justice,” asserts Samfiru.

Samfiru’s influence stretches beyond the courtroom to pioneering digital tools, like the Severance Pay Calculator, making him a key advocate for employees nationwide. Renowned for his pragmatic and straightforward approach, he is deeply respected among clients and peers alike, consistently being recognized as one of Canada’s best employment lawyers.

"For me, employment law is about passion, justice, and dignity. Every case is an opportunity to make a real difference,” Samfiru says.


Growing to serve non-unionized employees across Canada

Founded in 2007, Samfiru Tumarkin LLP began as a humble Toronto office and has grown into Canada’s premier plaintiff-side employment law firm, extending its services across Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia with multiple offices. Beyond advocating for a vast number of non-unionized employees in employment disputes, the firm also wins compensation for individuals navigating long-term disability claim denials, enhancing its reputation for comprehensive client care. This dedication is mirrored in more than 2,000 five-star reviews on Google, making it one of the most highly regarded Canadian law firms in client satisfaction.

"The law is clear, yet some employers continue to ignore basic employment principles, often denying employees their rightful severance when they are fired,” Samfiru notes, shedding light on wrongful dismissal. “Daily, I encounter numerous cases where employees in varied roles and professions are dismissed with severance far below what the law mandates, sometimes differing by tens of thousands of dollars.”

“Illegally terminating employees for reasons such as age, pregnancy, illness, injury or other forms of discrimination is unfortunately common. Facing these injustices head-on drives my advocacy for workers’ rights, leveraging years of experience to secure the justice our clients deserve.”


An innovative approach to education and advocacy

To equip Canadians with essential workplace knowledge, Samfiru has pioneered innovative digital tools. The Severance Pay Calculator and Pocket Employment Lawyer have offered millions of people accessible insights into the size of a full severance package and other entitlements over the course of their careers. "Facing job loss is daunting. These informative apps reveal the rights that employers in Canada aren’t aware of or don’t want you to know about, enabling our clients to look towards their future with confidence,” Samfiru explains.

Through media engagements like Ask a Lawyer on CP24 and the Employment Law Show on Newstalk 1010, both of which he hosts on a weekly basis, Samfiru demystifies employment law, providing Greater Toronto Area residents (and others across Ontario) direct access to crucial information about their rights as an employee, with the opportunity to ask questions, and more importantly, get quick answers.

"We work hard to clarify employment law concepts through media appearances, our employment law programs, and online resources – like our livestreams – to significantly aid the public in navigating complex legal issues,” Samfiru reflects.


Challenging corporations and the system itself

Throughout his career, Samfiru has embraced the challenge of milestone cases that have ultimately reshaped the landscape of employment law in Canada. He successfully sued Ontario’s Ministry of Labour for providing incorrect severance pay information, highlighting why it’s important to work with an experienced employment lawyer - not the Ministry of Labour - when you need to find out how much severance you’re owed.

His advocacy has not only secured justice for his clients, but has also shed light on systemic issues such as employee misclassification. Samfiru’s firm is leading a pivotal $400-million class-action lawsuit against Uber, fighting on behalf of thousands of drivers who have been incorrectly treated as independent contractors rather than employees. His goal is to obtain standard employment rights for rideshare workers, including Ontario minimum wage, vacation pay, and severance pay when key aspects of their job are changed by Uber.

When Best Buy decided to close the Future Shop chain in 2015, Samfiru was at the forefront. He highlighted to media, including CTV News, why the thousands of laid-off workers were due much more severance pay than Best Buy was offering them. His efforts not only brought attention to the issue but also led to the firm representing many of those workers in their pursuit of appropriate compensation. Despite the public outcry and the awareness it created, Samfiru says, "it's disheartening to see how many employers still miss the mark when it comes to their legal obligations, especially regarding severance. Employees deserve what they're legally entitled to, and it's time for employers to step up."


Establishing a lasting legacy

Samfiru and his firm have become synonymous with relentless advocacy and positive change within the legal community. It’s not just about securing money for their clients; it’s about helping people feel confident and respected again after losing their jobs unexpectedly. "Seeing the transformation of a client, from facing job loss to regaining their footing with dignity, is profoundly fulfilling,” says Samfiru.

Samfiru’s work goes beyond the courtroom. He and his firm stand up for what’s fair and right, making sure every worker gets the help and guidance they need. Facing uncertainty about a severance offer or workplace rights in Ontario, Alberta or B.C.? Lior Samfiru and his team are ready to stand by your side.

Contact employment lawyer Lior Samfiru, national co-managing partner at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP, to get the advice and compensation you need by calling 1-855-821-5900, emailing Ask@EmploymentLawyer.ca or filling out an online contact form.

His law firm represents non-unionized employees in Ontario, Alberta and B.C. Discover your employment rights by watching Lior on Ask a Lawyer every Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. on CP24.