A Toronto city councillor says he has hired private investigators to look into what he believes may be a conspiracy at city hall.

Speaking with reporters Thursday, Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti said he believes that some of his fellow councillors along with members of the public are involved in a plot to “personally get” him and several of his colleagues.

Mammoliti offered no evidence to support his claims, but said that he believes he has been followed and that someone has placed a wiretap on his phone. He said that he will bring his claims to Toronto police once his private investigators gather enough evidence.

"The preliminary investigation is pointing to a direction suggesting a group of people are out to do some personal damage and when I can prove it I’ll be going to police," Mammoliti said.

This isn’t the first time that Mammoliti has suspected a conspiracy.

Last January, the York-West councillor suggested that a left-wing conspiracy was behind campaign expense audits conducted on his election expenses and Mayor Rob Ford’s.

The audit ultimately found that Mammoliti spent $12,065 more than he was allowed to during his 2010 election campaign.

The results on the audit of Ford’s campaign expenses has not yet been made public.

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