A 50-year-old Toronto man is facing a number of charges in connection with a series of fires set in the Don Valley Village area of North York over the past five months.

The most recent incident occurred Saturday morning at 4:37 a.m., when Toronto police said they were called to a telephone box that had caught fire in the area of Kingslake Road and Lisburn Crescent, north of Fairview Mall.

After an investigation, police identified eight other calls for fires in the surrounding area, including calls on nearby streets such as Godstone Road, Esterbrooke Avenue and Allenbury Gardens.

On Saturday, a suspect identified as Andrew Kleemiss was arrested.

He was charged with seven counts of arson causing property damage, one count of arson disregard for human life and one count of break and enter with intent.

He is expected to appear in court at Old City Hall on Sunday.

Anyone with information on other suspicious fires in this area is asked to call police at 32 or 33 divisions.