A 38-year-old Toronto man has been charged after he allegedly vandalized a vehicle belonging to a parking enforcement officer following a dispute over a ticket.

Police say that the parking enforcement officer had affixed a ticket to the man’s vehicle for parking in a non-designated area near Cherry Street and Unwin Avenue on Sunday afternoon.

After the ticket was issued, police say that the man approached the officer to complain and became uncivil towards him.

At that point the officer got in his car and drove away, parking his vehicle nearby while he patrolled another area on foot.

Police allege that the officer then observed the man damaging the driver’s-side mirror of the parking enforcement vehicle.

Police say the man subsequently fled the scene but was arrested a short distance away.

The damage to the vehicle is estimated at $1,000.

Abolfazl Nasri is charged with mischief and is expected to appear in court on Sept. 13.