A man was taken to hospital with minor injuries on Tuesday morning after falling into the icy waters of Lake Ontario near Toronto’s waterfront.

The man fell into the lake near York Street at around 4 a.m.

Police say that a citizen in the area heard the man cry for help and was able to toss him a life preserver.

Toronto Fire says that two firefighters then went into the water and helped get the man out, with assistance from additional crews on the land.

He was ultimately handed off to the care of paramedics and taken to hospital for treatment.

It is the second incident in less than 24 hours in which people have been rescued from the frigid waters of Lake Ontario.

On Monday morning two skaters and a third person who had attempted to provide assistance were pulled from the water near the Toronto Islands after falling through the ice.

Police previously said that those people spent at least 15 minutes in the water and were lucky to be alive.

In a message posted to Twitter on Tuesday, Toronto Fire highlighted the two recent rescues and said that it is a reminder that “no amount of ice over Toronto open water is safe to be on.”