Mayor-elect John Tory fought through fits of laughter on Sunday night during an interview with one of legendary comedian Martin Short’s most colourful characters.

At a fundraising event hosted by the Jewish National Fund at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Short and Tory shared the stage to perform a skit featuring Jiminy Glick, the loveable recurring character on The Martin Short Show and the spinoff series Primetime Glick.

During the interview, in between mouthfuls of donuts, Glick pressed Tory on his background and his vision for the city. He even made a few suggestions on how Tory could improve Toronto.

“Have you ever thought of maybe getting some cranes up there and doing some construction?” Glick asked.

The mayor-elect was also thrown a few curveball questions.

“There are so many questions I don’t understand. I’d like you to help me,” Glick said.

“These toilets that flush automatically, do they see when you are finished or are they guessing?”

After the skit, Tory reflected on his performance and his interaction with Short, a native of Hamilton.

“Jiminy, he is a hero of mine and I’ve been interviewed by some of the toughest ones… but this was a whole new adventure,” Tory said with a laugh.

While speaking to CP24 at the event, Short called Tory “charming and funny.”

“Part of that job (of mayor) is a little bit of charisma… you are an ambassador not just of your city, throughout the entire world. The mayor of London goes on Letterman and kills and it makes London, England look better,” Short said.

“I think John Tory will kill on Letterman.”