HALIFAX -- Elizabeth May is calling for a return to door-to-door mail delivery by Canada Post, saying the agency can pay for the service by diversifying into services such as banking in rural areas.

The Green leader spoke to reporters Tuesday in front of a recently installed community mailbox in Halifax which she says should be removed.

"Picture this location in the winter Halifax just went through with ice everywhere. Picture people trying to get from their homes to this postal box on foot. This is an idiocy," said May, as cars and trucks sped by on the busy St. Margaret's Bay Road artery.

"We need door-to-door mail delivery."

Canada Post announced its plan to end door-to-door service in December 2013, citing declining traditional mail volumes.

The party leader said the move to reduce service was the wrong strategy in a world where other postal services have found ways to raise their revenues through measures such as the sale of insurance and banking services.

"You turn a profit by diversifying services in the 21st century," she said.

"It's what other postal services in other countries are offering . . . You need to add a range of services."

May cited the Israeli postal service, along with the Swiss, French and New Zealand postal services, as examples of traditional agencies transforming their missions.

"Canada doesn't have to do less than other countries, we should do more," she said.

May said bringing back Canada Post service would be one measure to stimulate the economy amidst a national recession that was officially confirmed on Tuesday.

"When we lose jobs, when there are more people who are unemployed as a result of the Canada Post decision it's another negative effect on the economy." she said.

The NDP have said that if they form government they will bring an end to the five-year plan to phase out door-to-door delivery for more than five million households.

The party has said it would terminate the phase-out plan and restore service to those households that have already lost their home mail delivery.